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The World's Radio Station - stablished in the thirties, BBC World Service has been one of the most important information vehicles since the date it was founded. Nowadays, it is present in several parts of the world, broadcasting in 28 different languages. Its contents don't included advertising and are mainly news.

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Main Programs: BBC News, The Newsroom, BBC News Summary, Digital Planet, Newsday, HardTalk, Business Daily, Witness History, The Compass, The Documentary, Outlook, Newshour, World Business Report, BBC OS, Sport Today, Health Check, The Inquiry, Business Daily, Assignment, The Forum, The Food Chain, Science In Action, Tech Tent, The Real Story, The Fifth Floor, Stumped, Trending, WorklifeIndia, Global Questions, Kalki Presents: My Indian Life, Resolves, United Zingdom, Over To You, James Naughtie's Letter To America, Sportsworld, The Arts Hour, The Why Factor, More Or Less, The Science Hour, The Big Idea, The Cultural Frontline, Assignment, Heart And Soul, The Compass, Music Life| Main DJs: Rory Cellan-Jones, Katy Brand

Contacts: 1st Floor Brock House, 19 Langham Street, London, W1A 1AA, United Kingdom

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BBC World Service

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